Used to vs be used to

Both I was a teacher and I used to be a teacher refer to a job you did in the past. Be used to and Get used to Meaning: If you ‘are used to something’, you are accustomed to it

    وبناء على ذلك يذكر ماكميلان و كازدين عددا من الاجراءات
  1. In “be used to,” the verb “be” can
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  4. used to
  5. He USED to go to the game on Friday
  6. Used to vs Be used to - Test 01
  7. Used vs
  8. be used to
  9. Get used to is the process of becoming used to something
  10. See Used vs
  11. This street ---- (be) very dark until the new lights were installed
  12. Would and used to 2